Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Look ????

Here is one of my latest projects. I really like the way it turned out. There are things that I don't like however. I didn't have enough ladybug fabric to get the effect I wanted but it still looks cute I think. The intended baby is probably not quite big enough for it right now but her Mother is VERY impatient.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Burda 7691

This is my latest project. I'm very pleased with it. I did have to add inches to the hip region for my butt and legs. The side seams are very small..... I really like the style of the jacket and I was lucky to find the fabric on sale at Fabricland for $3 a meter. The other colours were $14 I think. Anyways

The project didn't go really smooth but I like the finished project. I still may shorten it up a touch. I will get some use out of it since the weather just can't make up its mind!!!Is it short weather or is it coat weather wait until the next day and it will change. Well I must dash here I'm off to the in-laws for dinner.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not exactly my vision

I really thought this would be modern and "hip" with this fabric. I guess it is okay. It was easy enough to sew and will be okay for the summer. This is a Butterick 4685 size 22

Jalie 2805

A brand new to me pattern. I think I love the Jalie patterns. I really don't love the price however. Hopefully I will get a lot of use and it will be worth it. The pattern was cool and thankfully for that drafting class I took in university and the leftover paper so I was able to trace the pattern on to it.

This was the first time I used my serger-like stitch on my machine. It works and produced a good finish, but it was very slow to sew a seam and good lord dont make a mistake cause you will never be able to remove the stitches.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

After all the Fun

Well here I am back to reality after the wedding and the after party. I really miss Jamaica and the warm sun! I still am jobless and pennyless, but I will rely on my fabric stash to keep me busy. Currently I am altering some pants for a friend. she discovered that she is pregnant and desperately needs some pants. I have tried one so far and have cut the waist off and cut a semicircle down the front. she likes the pants with the band over the belly. I would think that would be more comfortable, but it seems many mommies like the below the belly. To each her own i Guess. So anyways, the 1st try was too small on the sides so I cut I down a little more and added some stretch to the inside of the pockets. She will try today. I hope for the best.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

new look 5798

This is the flowergirl dress that both my neice and my fiances neice will be wearing to our wedding. My neice Emma is all about fancy she was very unimpressed with the pattern and thought that the dress was not pretty enough for her! So Aunt Lee had too fancy it up a bit. I added the tulle to the bottom and I am using the straps from my wedding dress for the sash on the girls dresses. I decided to make both dresses the same size both girls seem to be the same size. I constructed a cotton sample for them to try ..it was very large. So I went down one size and it seems to fit Emma. They will look cute on the beach with their Aunt and Uncle. The fact that the dresses are close to being finished is stress released. I just need to find some white taffeta that is not 17.00 a meter. You know bridal fabric all other colors are 5.00 a meter but if it is white the price is jacked up.

New Look 6750

This is the dress I made for Jolene. She will be wearing it to my wedding. She is very pleased with the dress and I am very happy that it turned out so well. It looks great on her, hopefully I will get a pic with her in it. She has a great figure and fills it well! It went together with very little if any cursing.... which is unusual for me. The bust measurement was right on a size 12 with the waist 1 over. The fabric has a little stretch to it so I left the waist and bust as it was. I used an invisible zipper which looks great and smooth down the back. The pattern fits close to the rib cage and under the bust sooooo the correct lifting bra is very important. It is for a Jamaican beach wedding. It will be perfect.